Southern California native Jim Wright didn’t grow up wanting fame, fortune, or to be on the big screen. Instead, he wanted to build things. He is, by most standards, your typical guy’s guy. He’s stoic, hardworking, quick to lend a helping hand, and finds solace in his garage. His go-to uniform of choice is a ball cap, T-shirt, shorts, white ankle socks, and sandals. Oh, and he’s got a killer handlebar mustache and an infectious laugh. His home, a modest ranch nestled on a quiet street in residential Placentia, Calif., has his fingerprints all over it. From the wrought iron fencing to the backyard pool to the work shed he built for his father-in-law, everything has been carefully and skillfully crafted by his hand for a specific purpose. The most well-known and popular of his handcrafted masterpieces has to be his garage, which over the years has transformed into more than just a storage room for tools and other guy things. It is the meeting place for family and friends, the place where shenanigans occur, and it just so happens to serve as the backdrop to his YouTube video series, “Jimbo’s Garage.” One look at the intro video on his YouTube page gives you a glimpse into Jim Wright’s personality. It’s a video highlighting shop mishaps, outtakes, and bloopers from his popular how-to welding and construction video series. He’s funny. He’s personable. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Did we mention that laugh? And he has no problem opening up to his 200,000+ subscribers, a number that climbs every day.